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MOBIUS LIBRARIES working on System Migration 2022-2024: What is Changing

Some Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

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Nearly every system MOBIUS Libraries use to share physical items is being upgraded.

We are so fortunate to be in Missouri libraries! Collaboration and the sharing of resources has been our history and our practice thanks to systems that support our work each day.

For more than 20 years, library users in academic libraries have been able to borrow and loan materials thanks to shared systems and a courier network. Before the founding these systems, librarians regularly told users their item could take up to 2 weeks to arrive and it was no exaggeration.

Users of MOBIUS libraries have a different experience that includes searching and requesting items in real time so that a lending library processes the item for borrowing and ships it via a daily courier so that items from OK, AR and MO are available to you with the entire sequence typically taking just a few days.

Our new integrated library systems (ILS) will allow for the maintenance of the level of service we depend on in resource sharing and it has some improved features for data management and security that we are very excited about.



Fall 2023

Launch of OneSearch Discovery for easily searching for physical items and across e-resource platforms (databases) in a single interface.

April 18

Suspension of requesting through the MOBIUS catalog and on-site borrowing at other MOBIUS libraries.

May 6

Circulation data freeze. All checkins/checkouts will be recorded manually and processed in the new system after launch. Availability information in the catalog may not be accurate.

May 22

Launch day. The new library platform goes live with a new catalog and new staff systems. Request through the new MOBIUS catalog!



Walk-in borrowing is scheduled to resume in future, but no dates have been set at this time.


Why does the MOBIUS catalog need to change?

On April 18th the MOBIUS catalog will be upgraded and the look of the catalog will change.  

Many libraries across the region are members of the MOBIUS Consortium.  These libraries all share a technology platform dating back over twenty-five years!  While there have been many updates since then these libraries are in the final stages of changing their backend systems to something more modern and flexible and part of this is a new, combined MOBIUS catalog. 

Can I still request materials?

You will not be able to request materials from the MOBIUS catalog from April 18th through May 21, 2024.  Starting on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, you will be able to use the MOBIUS catalog to place requests.  

Why can't I request materials for about a month?

It will take time to migrate data from our old system to our new system.

You can use our InterLibrary Loan form. Please allow more time for delivery (up to 2 weeks).

I have materials checked out.  Do I need to return them back by a certain date?

You will be notified when items are due.  Libraries will continue to return items during the outage. Renewal requests will not be processed in the system between April 18 and May 22.

Will I still get the materials I have on hold?

Requested materials will be sent out through April 18th.  After April 18th, all outstanding holds will be canceled.  Materials will be able to be requested and put on hold starting on May 22nd.

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